mercredi 9 février 2011

JavaFX 2.0 Early Access and Beta Program

JavaFX 2.0 Early Access is available for the JavaFX Partners, the JUG Leaders, and the Java Champions.
I'm not a JavaFX Partner, nor a JUG Leader or a Java Champion (even with my last name ;) ), but in the form to sign up to participate in the Early Access and Beta program there is an item "Other".

So, because i'm a JavaFX enthusiast, I signed up as "Other" …
And may be, with a little luck, I could have an access to the Early Access and Beta Program !

2 commentaires:

Arnaud a dit…

Do you have any positive answer since?
The beta program page seems to be down currently...

Patrick Champion a dit…

The only answer was a mail received the Wed, Mar 2, 2011 :
"Thank you for your interest in JavaFX 2.0

Access to the JavaFX 2.0 pre-release builds are currently limited to members of the JavaFX Partner Program; JavaFX 2.0 development builds will be available to all Oracle Technology Network (OTN) members when we reach our Beta milestone a few months.

If you are a representative of a company (legal entity) that has developed an application with a prior version of JavaFX (e.g. JavaFX 1.3), or that plans to start developing an application with JavaFX 2.0 within the next few months, you may qualify to receive access to the JavaFX 2.0 development builds as soon as your membership to the JavaFX Partner Program has been confirmed.

Otherwise, you will receive regular updates on news and events related to JavaFX 2.0, and will be first to know about the availability of the JavaFX 2.0 Beta release.

Best regards,

The JavaFX Product Team"