jeudi 15 juillet 2010

Stephen Chin's Petition to Open Source JavaFX

If you like JavaFX , go to  sign the Stephen Chin’s Petition to Open Source JavaFX !

dimanche 4 juillet 2010

RESTful service with JAX-RS (and JPA 2 for the access to the data)

This is the first part of two, which have for purpose to create a RESTful service with JAX-RS (part 1) and to access it in JavaFX (part 2)
In this first part, we will create a RESTful service using JAX-RS and because this service will have  an access to a database, we will use JPA 2.0.
To do that, we are going:
  • to create the database and one table
  • to create a data source 
  • to create the JPA entity and the persistence.xml
  • and to create the RESTful service which will call the entity