samedi 20 mars 2010

More UI controls for the next release

I don’t know who is Sungmoon Cho, but according to linkedin he is JavaFX Product Line Manager at Sun Microsystems.
Some time ago, he has opened
Official JavaFX Feedback Forum to ask us what we are suggesting for JavaFX.
My answers were (the number before the item, is my number of vote for this item):

And recently (on Friday 19th), Sungmoon Cho updated the the JavaFX FeedBack Forum for the following items:
·         Create more native components, like form items, grids and menus.
with the status planned and the comment
"We are adding a lot more UI controls for the next release. Please stay tuned "
·         Quick application
with the status planned and the comment
"We have a dedicated team of people who work on startup performance. We see significant improvement so far, but we know that it should be much faster. We will update you when we have more data "
·         Quick application startup
with the status under review and the comment
"Many people asked this so we are reviewing this item "

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