mercredi 16 mai 2007

Non, les applets ne sont pas mortes !

Iris est une démo (montrée à Java One) assez impressionnante mixant applet, Swing, HTML, JavaScript et AJAX !
Iris shows the power of modern Java applets, highlighting the following major features of the Java platform:
  • Next-generation web integration: Java applets interoperate well with JavaScript in all major web browsers.
  • Multithreading support in the Java platform and libraries hides network latency from the end user, and increases the application’s throughput.
  • Native desktop integration supports concepts like drag-and-drop "on to the web".
  • The Java platform’s powerful and flexible security model allows true web service mashups to be created which connect simultaneously to many web services.
  • The rich image handling and graphics capabilities of the Java core libraries facilitate development of advanced graphical applets and applications.
  • Dynamic extension of applets: new techniques developed within the past year in the JOGL project allow applets to use OpenGL for 3D graphics, OpenAL for spatialized audio, Java Media codecs, and other extensions previously only available to desktop or Java Web Start applications.
Pour voir la vidéo de la démo Ou pour essayer Iris (ça marche pas toujours ! :( et Iris à besoin d’un Java SE 6)

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